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Elitefts SPP: JL Holdsworth & Nic Bronkall

Interview with JL Holdsworth & Nic Bronkall

JL Holdsworth - Owner

Nic Bronkall - Director of Strength & Conditioning

The Spot Athletics

Every time I travel to The Spot Athletics to met with JL Holdsworth and his staff, I learn a ton.  This time around, we filmed some plyometric videos with Nic Bronkall.  We also had an in depth discussion about weak muscle groups in the deadlift which forced my to review the basics of anatomy and physiology.  As usual, JL gave me some more drills and exercises to help with my weak points.  This time around, I got another drill to address my horrendous thoracic spine mobility issues using some bands.

While talking to JL and Nic, it was evident of how much they are on the same page and how passionate they are about helping athletes achieve their goals.  Along with the rest of the staff, JL and Nic take pride in how and why they coach.  It is because of this universal disposition that The Spot Athletics is truly unique. 


Topics Covered in this Podcast

  1. Rationale behind the Friday Technique Video series
  2. The internship process at The Spot Athletics
  3. Transitioning from the collegiate setting to the private sector
  4. Thoughts on conditioning
  5. The title of "Coach"
  6. Separating yourself
  7. Relationships with parents
  8. Assessing the needs of athletes
  9. Adapting programming from the assessment
  10. 5 drills or exercises every athlete should do
  11. 3 things you will never see The Spot Athletics' athletes do
  12. Specific skill vs. physical training

 Articles by JL Holdworth

Articles by Nic Bronkall

JL Holdsworth's Training Log

Nic Bronkall is the director of strength and conditioning at The Spot Athletics in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated with honors from Cleveland State University with a degree in health sciences with an emphasis on human factors and functions. He has also obtained his CSCS and USAW Level 1 sports performance certification as a coach. Nic worked under Tredell Doresy training and coaching a myriad Division I athletes. Nic also worked, for three years, as the strength and conditioning coach at a high school in north east Ohio.

With a BA in Exercise Science from Wayne State, Masters work at University of Kentucky in Coaching, a USAW Level-1 coaching certificate and well over 20,000 hours of practical experience, JL Holdsworth is one of the most respected strength coaches in the industry.

As a competitive powerlifter. JL has posted a 905 pound squat, 775 pound bench press, and 804 pound deadlift. He has also competed in mixed martial arts and grip competition.  He is the owner The Spot Athletics, where he works with athletes of all ages and sports disciplines.

I believe in highly specific training for each clients’ goals, specific sporting demands and individual weaknesses.  Most trainers put together a cookie cutter program and give it to all their clients.  However, my lifelong endeavor to learn about the human body enables me to bring each person past what they thought was their physical limit.  My programs address all areas of strength, the appropriate energy systems and a systematic conditioning of the nervous system to handle increasing work loads.  This produces maximal results in minimal time.  I also believe that the Fascial planes are the gateway to a healthy body and through myofacial release and highly specific stretching this system is trained and improved.  This individualized, whole-system approach allows goals to be reached faster and athletic ability to improve beyond what most think is possible.

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  1. Specific skill vs. physical training